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Posted by oneofthree on September 17, 2007

combination of blah and ugh.  that’s how i feel today at 430 pm – waiting the final 30 minutes of work – not wanting to start another project or call anyone.  this weekend was good.  watched football all day yesterday, around sorority events that i had to oversee. 

you know what i realized yesterday?  i am obsessed with calendars.  i don’t know why – but whenever i see a calendar i have an urge to buy it.  i don’t need another one.  i have one at home, one at work, and a palm pilot in my purse.  i have no need for another calender.  and what did i do yesteryday?  picked up another calender.  at least this one was free.  it was at the sorority house – one of those free day planners the school gives out.  now – what in the world am i going to do with another calendar?  my life is not that exciting.  but i couldn’t resist taking one.  sigh.  i’m strange.

normally i love my job.  i love the feeling of doing good in the world and helping people.  but the last two weeks i have dreaded going into work, dreaded calling people back, etc.  i don’t know why.  there is a lot of tension within the office with the budget cuts coming up.  we’re supposed to cut btw 4-10 percent of our budget.  which is difficult as 90% of our budget is salary.  the other 10% is travel, CLE, etc.  right now we are in a hiring freeze.  doesn’t really affect me out in the outlying counties, but in leon when someone leaves, the others in the division divide the caseload.  while i feel bad for them, that i carry the caseload of 2 1/2 regular attorneys – so it’s hard to feel too bad.

446 – ugh the clock is so slow.  ben and i are planning to go back to disney for our 1st anniverary – we’ve already made the reservation.  our honeymoon was wonderful, as i had never been to disney before.  we stayed, and are going to stay again, in the polynesian resort.

448 – i just received my offical inviation to the 25th annual judicial reception for the tallahassee women lawyers.  sometimes i wonder if it’s really necessary to have divisions within the community for women lawyers, black lawyers, etc.  it seems that we have so many committees and subcommittees that all we are doing is fractioning ourselves out when the purpose of those very committees is to bring everyone together.  sigh.  oh well.  perhaps i will go, perhaps not.  those type of events typically bore me.  nope – not going – it costs money to go.  that was easy.

452 – ok, im going to sneak out early – wish me luck


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home sick

Posted by oneofthree on September 14, 2007

ugh, home sick.  i woke up with my alarm going off at 7am, and like everyday, hit the snooze button until 745 – only to call in to work saying i wasn’t going in today – ill probably get chewed out by the boss man tomorrow – sigh

last night was fun though.  i got to observe mels class – and i get to teach it tuesday and thursday of next week.  they are learning about homicide and i get to teach the different levels of murder – should be fun considering im working on a murder case now.  i think im going to give the class a copy of the police report to the murder im working on – blacking out names and dates and such, divide the class and have them argue for and against 1st degree murder.  of course, while explaining that it’s the grand jury that decides in florida if the state can charge 1st degree.  should be fun.  when i go and speak to her class, i usually bring pictures and a scoresheet, etc.  haven’t decided if im gonna do that this time or not.

mel used the sorcratic method in her undergrad class.  i almost pulled my hair out listening yesterday to the changes in the fact pattern and such.  while in law school it didn’t bother me, but listening to the kids argue certain things that i knew was incorrect drove me crazy – but her class seems pretty involved and intelligent –

ben and i talked yesterday about me teaching – after sitting through mels class, im really getting an itch to do the same. 

ok – im going back to the couch.  unfortunately there is nothing on in the middle of the day but soap operas……ick.

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Posted by oneofthree on September 13, 2007

i left the office early today to run some errand – dr appointment, pick up new glasses (they are PINK!) etc, etc.   everytime i left one place and went to another i was behind this nissan wanna be suv.  it started to grow on me.  i need a new car in about a year – mine is a 2000 vw, still runs well, but it’s old…..ben wants to have kids in like 2-3 years, so the next car (although i want a mini……….badly) needs to be a family friendly car.  ben has to drive a pick up for work, so mine has to be the family car – so i’m on the look out for new cars

tonight i’m going to observe the bf mel teach her class at fsu.  next week she’s in bulgaria so i’ll be teaching her class.  should be fun.  every semester i speak at her class and have a blast – not sure about teaching one though.  she told me she’ll leave me the list of cases the students are supposed to read – geese, going back to reading random cases – i real criminal cases all the time for work, but random ones – i wonder what she has them reading.  of course, i may just not discuss them at all – perhaps i can have a “this is what you really need to know” chat.  who knows. 

ive thought about teaching for a couple years now.  not as a full time thing, but perhaps doing what mel does and pick up a class a semester.  she says it pays pretty well – it would be a nice outlet.  i always loved school, even thought about going back for my masters or an llm, but never got around to it – i owe enough in student loans as it is!

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Hello world!

Posted by oneofthree on September 13, 2007

Wellp, it was suggested to me to try this blog site instead of the previous one i was using….so, here goes.  a few preliminary matters to anyone that cares to read this thing, i do not like capital letters.  mind you, i must use them in my job in the normal, expected manner; however, i do not enjoy them when typing free verse.  so be forewarned.  also, i cannot spell – but it’s my understanding that some of the geniuses of the world could not either – so i’ve come to terms with that downfall – besides, i grew up in the computer age where spell check did everything for you.

 i used to blog all the time in law school.  afterwards it trailed off, as i was overcome with the realities of the “real world” and life in general.  life has since calmed down after the wedding and i find myself full of thoughts at night, not being able to fall asleep.  not deep, world changing thoughts, but just everyday, run of the mill thoughts that keep me awake.  whereas before, i was able to get them out via blogging.  so we shall see if this works out.  it’s a tenuous relationship at first – figuring out how all the new sidebars and photo management works on a new site, and i feel a bit like im cheating away from blurty, but i’ll give it a spin and see what happens.


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