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we is smart

Posted by oneofthree on September 21, 2007

Take this quiz and tell me what you scored.  Regrettably, I scored an 80%, but hey, you don’t need to know history to practice law, right?


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Posted by oneofthree on September 17, 2007

combination of blah and ugh.  that’s how i feel today at 430 pm – waiting the final 30 minutes of work – not wanting to start another project or call anyone.  this weekend was good.  watched football all day yesterday, around sorority events that i had to oversee. 

you know what i realized yesterday?  i am obsessed with calendars.  i don’t know why – but whenever i see a calendar i have an urge to buy it.  i don’t need another one.  i have one at home, one at work, and a palm pilot in my purse.  i have no need for another calender.  and what did i do yesteryday?  picked up another calender.  at least this one was free.  it was at the sorority house – one of those free day planners the school gives out.  now – what in the world am i going to do with another calendar?  my life is not that exciting.  but i couldn’t resist taking one.  sigh.  i’m strange.

normally i love my job.  i love the feeling of doing good in the world and helping people.  but the last two weeks i have dreaded going into work, dreaded calling people back, etc.  i don’t know why.  there is a lot of tension within the office with the budget cuts coming up.  we’re supposed to cut btw 4-10 percent of our budget.  which is difficult as 90% of our budget is salary.  the other 10% is travel, CLE, etc.  right now we are in a hiring freeze.  doesn’t really affect me out in the outlying counties, but in leon when someone leaves, the others in the division divide the caseload.  while i feel bad for them, that i carry the caseload of 2 1/2 regular attorneys – so it’s hard to feel too bad.

446 – ugh the clock is so slow.  ben and i are planning to go back to disney for our 1st anniverary – we’ve already made the reservation.  our honeymoon was wonderful, as i had never been to disney before.  we stayed, and are going to stay again, in the polynesian resort.

448 – i just received my offical inviation to the 25th annual judicial reception for the tallahassee women lawyers.  sometimes i wonder if it’s really necessary to have divisions within the community for women lawyers, black lawyers, etc.  it seems that we have so many committees and subcommittees that all we are doing is fractioning ourselves out when the purpose of those very committees is to bring everyone together.  sigh.  oh well.  perhaps i will go, perhaps not.  those type of events typically bore me.  nope – not going – it costs money to go.  that was easy.

452 – ok, im going to sneak out early – wish me luck

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