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update to tasing kid

Posted by oneofthree on September 19, 2007

Michelle Malkin updates us on the story – Andrew Meyer, professional taunter

I must say, I ran across her website today for the first time, and I am impressed.

or check out:

tazed and confused


“You, as an American, have a constitutional right to speak. However, you do not have a right to be heard.”


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FU Tasering Student = media whore

Posted by oneofthree on September 19, 2007

I am sick and tired of hearing about police brutality, etc over this whiny, media whore of a kid.    Here’s an article that doesn’t immediately jump to calling for protests at UF (which there were)  fairly interesting.

Here are a few things I would like to add to the mix –

 1.  All these free speech screamers need to realize, the government CAN limit your speech at a public forum.  It’s called time place and manner restrictions.  It is my understanding that this kid, Andrew Meyer, jumped ahead in line to ask his questions.  If that is true, that is a violation of the procedures set up for that question and answer period.  While I’m not saying that leads automatically to being tased, I am saying that if a person violates a procedure that is in place, they can be removed and their speech limited. 

2.  if this kid violated the procedures then LEO had the authority to remove him from the hall.  They have the right to place hands on him, if he does not leave on his own.  Immediately this whiny little chump starting yelling and crying.  Seems to me that he’s being a little media whore trying to get attention.  LEO did nothing wrong at that point by simply placing hands on him.

3.  He beings to resist.  It’s called resisting an officer with violence.  classic case.  that’s a felony people.  at that point leo has the authority to place him under arrest for a felony.  if you listen, while he’s on the floor, leo tells him to stop resisting and warn him that he will be tased if he continues to resist.  What I think is interesting is you see him continuing to struggle, but you don’t see exactly what happens.  he could be kicking the officers, he could be trying to reach for something else – we don’t know – but we do see him continuing to resist arrest and at that point, after warning him, leo has the authority to tase him.

is it fun to see someone tased?  no – ive seen it in court.  it’s scary.  but he wasn’t hurt – he screams like a little girl which just sounds so fake – the topic of police brutality is something that people find sexy, same thing as free speech violations – what you should do before going off the deep end and automatically determine these officers were blatantly wrong is look at the law, look at the video and use your common sense. 

Interesting – this website claims to have the actual police reports.  True that police reports, once a case is filed, is public record, but I wonder how she got them so fast?

 Also – this fellow wordpresser has an interesting quote from someone who claims to have been at the rally when the kid was tased –

if the quote is correct, that would confirm that the kid originally violated the procedures laid out by rushing ahead of everyone, and it makes sense that people started taping him at that point – and also explains why law enforcement was behind him and were so quick to remove him.

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