Oneofthree’s Musings

The ramblings of a 20 something lawyer

About me

i always hated this part of any online forum – the place where you write a paragraph or more about who you are…..they are always so boring when i read them.

I’m a almost 30 years old criminal lawyer in Florida. Very happily married to my best friend since April, 2007. Big annoying dog, fat lazy cat. I love my job, I love my husband, my family annoys me.

The posts you will find here are a combination of my random thoughts and musing, mixed with legal issues that I see happening in the world. I have an uncontrollable need to correct someone when they cite the law incorrectly. I think that breeds ignorance. (not out of snobbery, but everyone needs to be aware of their rights)

So have fun, take it or leave it, start an argument with me (I’ll probably win, at least in my mind) or agree with me and tell my how fabulous I am. Whatever, I don’t care.


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