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home sick

Posted by oneofthree on September 14, 2007

ugh, home sick.  i woke up with my alarm going off at 7am, and like everyday, hit the snooze button until 745 – only to call in to work saying i wasn’t going in today – ill probably get chewed out by the boss man tomorrow – sigh

last night was fun though.  i got to observe mels class – and i get to teach it tuesday and thursday of next week.  they are learning about homicide and i get to teach the different levels of murder – should be fun considering im working on a murder case now.  i think im going to give the class a copy of the police report to the murder im working on – blacking out names and dates and such, divide the class and have them argue for and against 1st degree murder.  of course, while explaining that it’s the grand jury that decides in florida if the state can charge 1st degree.  should be fun.  when i go and speak to her class, i usually bring pictures and a scoresheet, etc.  haven’t decided if im gonna do that this time or not.

mel used the sorcratic method in her undergrad class.  i almost pulled my hair out listening yesterday to the changes in the fact pattern and such.  while in law school it didn’t bother me, but listening to the kids argue certain things that i knew was incorrect drove me crazy – but her class seems pretty involved and intelligent –

ben and i talked yesterday about me teaching – after sitting through mels class, im really getting an itch to do the same. 

ok – im going back to the couch.  unfortunately there is nothing on in the middle of the day but soap operas……ick.


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