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Hello world!

Posted by oneofthree on September 13, 2007

Wellp, it was suggested to me to try this blog site instead of the previous one i was using….so, here goes.  a few preliminary matters to anyone that cares to read this thing, i do not like capital letters.  mind you, i must use them in my job in the normal, expected manner; however, i do not enjoy them when typing free verse.  so be forewarned.  also, i cannot spell – but it’s my understanding that some of the geniuses of the world could not either – so i’ve come to terms with that downfall – besides, i grew up in the computer age where spell check did everything for you.

 i used to blog all the time in law school.  afterwards it trailed off, as i was overcome with the realities of the “real world” and life in general.  life has since calmed down after the wedding and i find myself full of thoughts at night, not being able to fall asleep.  not deep, world changing thoughts, but just everyday, run of the mill thoughts that keep me awake.  whereas before, i was able to get them out via blogging.  so we shall see if this works out.  it’s a tenuous relationship at first – figuring out how all the new sidebars and photo management works on a new site, and i feel a bit like im cheating away from blurty, but i’ll give it a spin and see what happens.



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