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Posted by oneofthree on September 13, 2007

i left the office early today to run some errand – dr appointment, pick up new glasses (they are PINK!) etc, etc.   everytime i left one place and went to another i was behind this nissan wanna be suv.  it started to grow on me.  i need a new car in about a year – mine is a 2000 vw, still runs well, but it’s old…..ben wants to have kids in like 2-3 years, so the next car (although i want a mini……….badly) needs to be a family friendly car.  ben has to drive a pick up for work, so mine has to be the family car – so i’m on the look out for new cars

tonight i’m going to observe the bf mel teach her class at fsu.  next week she’s in bulgaria so i’ll be teaching her class.  should be fun.  every semester i speak at her class and have a blast – not sure about teaching one though.  she told me she’ll leave me the list of cases the students are supposed to read – geese, going back to reading random cases – i real criminal cases all the time for work, but random ones – i wonder what she has them reading.  of course, i may just not discuss them at all – perhaps i can have a “this is what you really need to know” chat.  who knows. 

ive thought about teaching for a couple years now.  not as a full time thing, but perhaps doing what mel does and pick up a class a semester.  she says it pays pretty well – it would be a nice outlet.  i always loved school, even thought about going back for my masters or an llm, but never got around to it – i owe enough in student loans as it is!


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